The Breath

The breath is a fundamental function that is with us from the day we are born to the last moment of our lives. We can restrain from eating for weeks, from drinking for some days but without breathing we survive only for a few minutes. Recovering a full and open breath means go back to living a healthy and joyful life!

What is Transformational Breath®?

It's a self-healing and empowering process based on a conscious, abdominal, connected breath that improves physical health, produces emotional integration and opens the individual to higher vibrational states of consciousness.

Who can practice TBR?

This breathing technique's goal is to recover the fullness and fluidity of the original breath so it has no contraindications
We work with newborn babies as well as with elder people. It's particularly effective to ease the pregnancy and labour. It's suited also for people with hearth or respiratory conditions.

The Benefits

The Benefits

Practicing Transformational Breath® has many benefits on each one of the three levels of the human being and favours their harmonious integration.

  • More energy and vitality.
  • Greater tissues oxygenation.
  • Better detoxification.
  • Better blood circulation.
  • Reduces hypertension.
  • Facilitates digestion.
  • Reduces water retention.
  • Produces muscular relaxation.
  • Enhances posture and reduces joint problems.
  • Helps reducing stress.
  • Reduces states of anxiety and depression.
  • Helps to resolve self-worth issues.
  • Helps letting go of addictions (tobacco, alchool, drugs, sex).
  • Reduces compulsive states (work, food, shopping).
  • Helps integrating traumas, from birth, childhood, accidents and losses.
  • Helps with authority issues and extreme competitiveness.
  • Gives a sense of completeness
  • Helps us to connect to our inner purpose.
  • Supports the expression of our authentic self.
  • Improves meditation and any spiritual practice.


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"Ho conosciuto TBR per caso nel settembre del 2012, e devo dire che è stato uno degli eventi che più ha cambiato la mia vita fino ad oggi. Ho iniziato a respirare per sentirmi meglio e avere più fiato quando andavo a correre, però da li ho scoperto anche altre cose, che si sono rivelate poi molto più importanti."


"Ogni respirata tornava con in dono una parte di me. Una caccia al tesoro di se stessi. Un regalo preziosissimo che poi ti accorgi essere con te sempre."


"Per me era chiaro che dovessi fare qualcosa con tutte queste emozioni a fior di pelle. Mai nei miei sogni più folli avrei immaginato di poter condividere così tanto. Ora mi sento comoda a parlare apertamente con chiunque!! Ha cambiato la mia vita, volevo solo dire grazie."

Participante in Francia (Marzo 2018)


"Respira Profondamente 
e fai il Pieno di Energia"

by Judith Kravitz - Edizioni MyLife

"Il Processo della Presenza"

by Michael Brown - Edizioni MyLife

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