The breath is the vital function that allows us to be more aware of our own existence. Inspiration is the first manifestation of life that accompanies us in coming into Life and the last things that come with death is a sigh accompained by an exale.
Between these two moments there's an entire lifecycle, at Continues an unstoppable process made of countless inhales and exales.

The blow of the breath is subtle energy, lively and imperceptible that supports us and journey with us; not only because it allows our physical and psychic existence, but because it's the connection with our true essence.

The functions of the respiratory systems, during every or respiratory act Play a fundamental part in the existence and health of the physical body: Chemical reactions, physical and mechanical and on.. There is a deeper involvement every time that air (prana, lifeforce) enters our lungs, Think of the reading and intensity of breathing conditioned by our emotions that produce an alteration in the way we breathe, usually without us even noticing.

The traditions and knowledge concerning the breath are present in all meditative practices and in the ancients Eastern philosophies. Leonard Orr, father of rebirthing, understood from the Indian Yogis the restorative and revitalizing power of the breath and was convinced to spread it out in the western world. More than 30 years have past since then. Conscious breath continues to evolve and renew in the Western world.

With this evolution, it has been proved that physical mental and emotional states can be altered altering the breathing pattern. Your breathing pattern is like a metaphor of how you live your life. If you restrain your breath, repressing and suppressing our emotional responses, we are probably restraining also our own life. And the physical body, that is deprived of that vital energetic component, with the passing of time can become ill.

While we make these changes, opening completely our respiratory system, changing the depth rhythm and speed, we are changing our perspective, our chemical properties, our perceptions and our behavior, dissolving every tension. We also receive physical benefits from massaging our inner organs and abdominal muscles.

Transformational breath® created by Judith Kravitz 30 years ago, represents one of the most powerful and evolved respiratory techniques among those known so far.

This breathing method we can expand more and more our life force with every inhale and exale, connecting with our energetic fields. The exchange allows the life force (prana) to enter our being giving us all of the oxygen that's necessary for our cells, integrating deeply the connection between body and mind and making stronger the connection with everything. To transform means go beyond the form.

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